Ryuma Ramen House
Lot 7 A Bayan-Bayanan Ave, Marikina, 1800 Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Cheap but super good dishes and the place ndi mo akalain na my ganun pala

Review №2

Perfect resto to pang masa ang price and the taste of food very satisfying! Mababait pa ang staff.

Review №3

Ok na sana kaso mainit masyado sa waiting area nila

Review №4

Masarap almost lahat ng nakain naming foods

Review №5

Masarap Ang food and affordedable! Their ramen are good and tonkatso. Nalakabusog (y)

Review №6

Super worth sa pera....

Review №7

Masaya dito andami pang guard safe kayo

Review №8

Ang sarap ng buta kakuni!!!!

Review №9

Good food with cheap prices , and then maaaliw ka during your dine in kasi may band sila every night been there for 2 times .

Review №10

The food is nice at a really affordable price!

Review №11

The food here is great but not very expensive. In fact it is very affordable. You can buy takoyaki for just P20, okonomiyaki for just P30, ramen for P50, and rice meals for at least P80. Staff are very accommodating and the place is really clean. The place is overdecorated but still good as the thing you would really like to have here is their cheap but good japanese comfort food.

Review №12

We always dine at ryuma ramen, cheap quality japan-japan food. i call it japan-japan because of my daughter and girlfriend that always say it in a cute way.

Review №13

Its so amazing and nice place the crew is so kind and the food is totaly great i loved it

Review №14

I want to say that over the year or so of me visiting this place and the service is still mediocre at bestThe staffs feel like theyre not always at their best or dont want to bother workingRecently they added this Bento set where they have sushi and the likesOne problem I immediately noticed is the fact that they leave these things outside in a very humid 36c weather. These would immediately be a health violation and could potentially get someone ill. Their staffs are quite incompetent. A staff had redirected my issue to another staff of whom didnt bother approaching me and quite literally passed me about 2 to 3 times. So I had to just go directly to the manager (probably) to solve an issue I had.Their audio system had deafened anyone who passed by their front store and anyone who is working or dining in the place. I wont be uploading other photos as they constantly change their secondary menu to the point that they often remove it entirely or its not available.Its not a fun place, but I guess for some Filipinos who like being deafened and having a horrible dining experience, this place is for you.The only upside of sorts of this place is their food is cheap enough to be affordable by a lot of budget conscious people.

Review №15

We had an acquiantance party here. Food was surprisingly affordable and the servings were big. Its taste is okay for its price. I ordered Yakiniku meal + Okonomiyaki for just PhP 110!

Review №16

This place is so good and the foods are nice. This ramen house is also a budget friendly for students and family.

Review №17

I loove ramen! Especially when it has naruto. But i dont have one when i ate here, tho its fine as long as it tastes good. Surprising ambiance

Review №18

Great place and fast service, but food doesnt really taste good

Review №19

Bad layout. You cannot escape the smell of takoyaki clinging to your hair and clothes. Dark inside. Gaudy decor.

Review №20

Affordable Japanese cuisine. Go with your friends and family for a budget meal treat.

Review №21

Food is served fast but not that hot às expected esp for ramen. Nice ambiance. Food is very affordable.

Review №22

Food tastes good and affordable. Food attendants are pleasant.

Review №23

Cheap ramen menus and very fast food service

Review №24

If you are really a ramen person, you will be disappointed. Its like an upgraded mami version. Place doesnt smell good.

Review №25

Novelty place, reasonably priced food

Review №26

Their prices for the food was really low for a japanese restaurant. We loved the food selection and their ramen

Review №27

Nice ambience and atmosphere, good staff, lovely place

Review №28

This place is a minalist hell, there are so many annoying decorations. idk how you can eat peacefully here. ++ its so hot in this place.

Review №29

Good food large serving great service affordable meals

Review №30

Nice place. Grave effort ng owner. Prang Thai place pro Japanese menu. Delicious but somewhat average ramen house. Good for people with tight budget.

Review №31

If you want Japanese food for a reasonable price, this is the place to go

Review №32

Value for money. Loved the okonomiyaki. Worth it for the price.

Review №33

I gave 4 stars for their very affordable foods, for only 50 pesos you will enjoy Japanese ramen, in which they have 3 different flavors. I also enjoyed a lot their gyoza for 50 pesos only, they also have tasty takoyaki. And if you want rice meals they also do have,I just forgot the flavors. What we just noticed together with my Accounting classmates, were their guards they do have lots of guards. And the place is a bit over decorated in which you cant recognize their theme anymore if its japanese theme? Or a fiesta theme.

Review №34

We are regulars. Food is definitely cheap and theybjave come up with the very affordable donuts and soft ice cream. I just hate the singing rondalla when you are having your dinner. Its not a real hpnest to goodness Japanese restaurant but food is great but because.of the affordable food expect some customers who would be dining their that has no breeding.

Review №35

The place has a good ambiance and the foods are cheap but delicious.

Review №36

Food is okay if your hungry hahaha, will not go back, the only upside is the food is cheap.

Review №37

Good and affordable Japanresturant

Review №38

Affordable ramen and delicious takoyaki.

Review №39

Very cheap japanese food.I heard the owner was Japanese.Place and ambience: over decorated and bright. It feels like entering a theme park of sorts. Bordering gaudy.Staff: quite a lotalmost like a department store. Highly secure too with numerous guards.Parking : limited to storefront but there are banks nearby so just park there.Food: taste is good but seems to have been adjusted a little for Filipino taste. Portions are generous.As for the usual tempura and Maki, you wont find any here. :(What we like:takoyaki 20php - generous toppingsbuta kakuni (braised pork)- very very tasty and tender, salty with a slight bitterness, on the oily side. (forgot. Price)ramen50php - large servings.. I like the Miso Ramenbaby Castell 20php- small pancake like balls, on the sweet side but fun to eatI havent tried all items yet. Will update as i do.

Review №40

Food was cheap but delicius i recommend it

Review №41

Lucky me noodles taste better than thier ramen

Review №42

You can have a very good taste of Ramen for 50php only

Review №43

Not a fan of their ramen. But their other dishes are good.

Review №44

Homey ambiance and the food is remarkably affordable.

Review №45

I love their service, cheap japanese food. try their beef yakiniku.

Review №46

Pros- CheapCons- Gyoza is not handmade. Food are not fresh. Theyre all frozen, just reheated. I wish they put it in an oven first before frying because its hot but solid. Kinda hard to chew.We ordered Gyoza, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.Takoyaki is great.Although all three seem to have the same filling or taste. Just a thought3 stars because its cheap but it also tastes cheap.

Review №47

Very affordable price and nice staffs

Review №48

Good food that is very affordable.

Review №49

If you are looking for a quick stop to satisfy your cravings for japanese street food, ryuma is your go to place, from takoyaki to ramen to katsu meals served in less than 15 minutes for an affordable budget friendly price. All of the items on their menu is 100php and below plus they are also located at the heart of marikina, a must try experience!

Review №50

Best tasting food at very reasonable prices.

Review №51

Products sold at affordable prices. love the takoyaki ! staffs are hospitable.

Review №52

The price is a wonderful surprise :) very reasonable!!!

Review №53

Number 1 ramen

Review №54

No condiments, slow service

Review №55

Great fud n prices

Review №56

Love the Japanese cuisine

Review №57

Very cheap but good

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