Coffee Project
Bagumbayan, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Coffee project. Located cya sa libis. All homes..

Review №2

The ambiance is very good malinis din cr nila ang peaceful ng place.

Review №3

Fantastic place. Great food

Review №4

Spacious parking.Wifi access is given when you order, limited to 3 hours.Good for meetings as it is spacious.Lively and modern atmosphere

Review №5

Great place for unwinding and catch up with friends - current fave here is their sweet potato cake really good! Chicken parmigiana was just okay.

Review №6

The interiors were so charming and relaxing, the sweet cold brew coffee strong and goes well with the yummy blueberry cheesecake. I will definitely come back here again. :)

Review №7

A good place to relax, drink coffee, read, etc. This place is so alluring that its a sight for sore eyes in the concrete jungle of Manila. Beautiful interiors! Dont believe me? Check the photos!

Review №8

First time to coffee project in spite of it being so close to us. Its in the same compound as the all day super market. Very easy to find. They have inside and outside seats, although its noisy outside due to its vicinity to C5. Great choices for coffee and non coffee beverages and plenty of sweet and savory eats to choose from. Great place to break monotony from your big brand coffee houses. Relaxed atmosphere for a nice cup of coffee. We ordered two coffee, a club sandwich and cheese cake. All good. Will be back to explore other items on the menu.

Review №9

A favorite place to get a bit of work done, chill, relax, use their free WIFI, eat and have a good cuppa. The interiors are always beautifully appointed with top notch furnishings, good for groups or sharing a table. Also have power outlets everywhere. What else do you need? Voila!

Review №10

Great place to keep productive. Ambiance is well-managed even when the place would be packed. Food is good as well. They have wifi.

Review №11

I really like the interior design, and concept, very calming and relaxing ambiance, a nice place to get food and drinks (Coffee, tea and juices).And for the coffee and cigarette combo smokers, they have a designated smoking area for you guys on the 2nd floor.

Review №12

Im enjoying my first visit so far since the whole cafe is so visually interesting. I got a cold brew coffee and the fruity notes are very refreshing

Review №13

Its a one of a kind coffee place where you want to spend your siesta time and business. The place was awesome. They also have meals aside from coffee. I like the sardines pasta and the Filipino dishes they serve. The ambiance is very enticing for you to stay a longer hour and that means you order more . I will keep coming back to this place.

Review №14

Coffee experience was great.Good ambiance and sumptuous foods to dig in.Instagramable setup.

Review №15

Coffee project is on a soft opening. Familiar vibe with rest of the other branches. Parking is free. You have two hours of free internet also thats good for 3 devices. Theres a lot of new options in the menu with the pastries and the pizzas. The barista forgot to get my name. I was waiting for a while before I got my order.

Review №16

Nice ambiance. A place to relax and have coffee.

Review №17

A great place to chill and relax after doing your grocery or houseware shopping since Coffee Project is just outside All Home and All Day stores in Libis.Good place to study or just have a rich conversation over coffee because of its warm, green ambiance.What we ordered:Iced Ca Phe Sau Dua (Vietnamese Coffee)Blueberry MuffinsSalted Caramel

Review №18

Good coffee and food options! Good hang out spot with 2hrs free wifi.

Review №19

Great place to have coffee and relax....

Review №20

This is probably my favorite coffee shop where I could do some work. It’s not always so crowded, and the place is really cozy. There are many outlets where you can charge phones or laptops. They also have wifi that you can use for two hours (every order receipt gives you that two-hour access, which is only fair).I’m not really crazy about their food. Their pesto was okay; I just found the eggplants weird after a while. Their chocolate cake was surprisingly delicious. Because it looked dry on the outside, I didn’t really expect it to be moist and soft.Their coffee was okay too. I’ve tried Ca Phe Sua Da and Vietnamese Latte — both tasted fine.For the price of their food and drinks plus the nice ambience, this is definitely one of the nicest cafes in the metro. The staff were friendly too.

Review №21

Nice and cozy.. coffee is also good. . Cake is just okay.. but their chicken parmigiano is my favorite and ca phe suada

Review №22

I love it. No doubt.

Review №23

Good place...quiet and clean

Review №24

Very homey place to have coffee

Review №25

We go to Coffee Project quite regularly since its at a convenient location right outside Eastwood City. The interiors are nice and confortable, and theres lots of parking outside. Its a bit unfortunate though that the drinks are quite overpriced for how they taste. The food as well is just passable, though there are good cakes and pastries like the sweet potato dessert.Annoyances; other patrons using the place as a gallery for their social media photoshoots.

Review №26

Really good ambiance and good coffee. Be early on weekends as the place gets full in the afternoon

Review №27

Cozy place to stay. Nature meets coffee.

Review №28

I love coffee project! Baristas are really nice and would suggest best items on the menu to try. Love their Chicken Parmigiana, newest on the menu. Chicken is so tender wrapped in that light delectable breading, with a cup full of java rice on the side and the salad though serving is miniscule is completely delicious. A must-try. Oh and its a very filling meal that even two can share

Review №29

Food selections are good for a quiet café. Quiet atmosphere is good for chilling and up close conversations. Venue is good for IG and FB posts.

Review №30

The food and ambience was good but the ACs could barely cool the entire place. I was sweating the entire afternoon. The room temp only got better when it was nighttime already...

Review №31

I was really amazed of Coffee Project Libis’ interiors the moment I stepped inside. Their garden inspired decor really differentiates them from the usual homey ambiance of their competitors.Reasonably priced coffee, tea, and food available. My dad and I had hot chocolate and caramel latte.Plenty of seats available, and the place fits a lot of people’s agenda whether it is to chill, work, chat, read, etc.The two (2) hours free wifi for those who ordered is perfect. Decent, free wifi nowadays are scarce!Lastly, I shall say the free AllHome parking space is also another sweet deal which I hope they won’t change in the near future.Will definitely go back here!

Review №32

Disnt make it clear if cake will be served or if I need to get it myself. Waited too long and the cake isnt very fresh anymore

Review №33

Cozy place and the blueberry cheesecake is to die for..not sure if theyre short in staff but my friends and I waited for too long I almost fall asleep. Its a Sunday at 11pm and most families had a night cap in CP

Review №34

Want late night coffee? dont like to worry about parking? then this is the place to goawesome place for your late night coffee craving as they are open until 00:00, except for Saturdays where they close at 01:00. Their coffee (americano and cappuccinos) is actually better than the popular chain. They have good frappes and tea drinks if you dont care about your blood sugar level.Great ambiance as well, it feels very homey.

Review №35

Best coffee project branch. Just short in chocolate ingredients. Should overstock to avoid this from happening. Its understandable due to soft opening issues. Hopefully, they extend till 4am.

Review №36

I understand how they price the drinks. Trying to be in the league of Starbucks. But the food! More expensive than Starbucks and you dont even get any service. Cleaner was cleaning the stairs during lunch while customers are eating. Imagine the dust on your food.

Review №37

Beautiful interiors, cozy atmosphere, good coffee

Review №38

Love the ambiance and coffee. Sandwiches though need to be revamped. Expectations did not meet reality. Ordered a Bacon with egg sandwich and it was just soggy and the lettuce was not fresh. Otherwise it would have been an excellent experience.

Review №39

I dont know where to focus my camera, all areas and corners are well decorated.

Review №40

Food and drinks arent that great and wifi is limited, but the ambience is so relaxing, specially in the restroom.

Review №41

Havent tried their coffee but I do love their selection of iced teas. Ive also tried their fish and chips and tuna melt sandwich, those are pretty good. But I think what makes the place great is its decor and ambiance. Super cozy and relaxing but with enough outlets available for people who are there to work. Solid place.

Review №42

Very good assortment of coffee, pastries and meals. Very good ambiance, ample parking, & with free wifi with minimum spend. Very nice place, and pleasant crew.

Review №43

When we visited it was 7am and I think there were only two staff that hour, but still the service of the food ( carbonara and creamy pesto pasta) was quick enough and tastes excellent, as always... just how it tasted when I first tried it

Review №44

Of all CP branches i went to, the libis branch is pretty good and i like their spacious parking. However, staff in this branch are not that friendly compared to their other branches. Constantly banging the utensils. They dont smile much. Probably tired? Ill still give em a 3 star.

Review №45

The ambiance is perfect to chill and to have a coffee drink. Very solemn and techy. Their CR? Its automatic like the CRs in Japan.

Review №46


Review №47

Impressive. Cool decor, lots of hanging plants even though they are faux. Atmosphere is like a big living room with private corners & open common areas. Hot Chocolate was good, food disappointed a little.Overall Coffee Project was good value. Good concept, good decor design, & good service. I shall return!

Review №48

Good place to do some office and school stuffed,With a cup of tea

Review №49

I was asking myself why I dont go to this coffee shop as often as others, considering they have lots of free parking space, free wifi, abundant seating and the coffee is not bad. And then I remember its the small things that make a coffeeshop feel cozy and warm... friendly and efficient staff. For that, a super thumbs up is just a 2 out of 5, and Ill only go to this shop if thats the meeting place.

Review №50

They have a modern and high tech comfort room. However, the place is a little bit of warm. Lack of air-conditioning.

Review №51

Love everything about it. The interior, the food, every single thing. I Just found my new hangout place

Review №52

Ambiance is always inviting. Their matcha is so good.

Review №53

Good coffee, good food, lovely ambiance. First time trying this coffee place. If only it was well kept and crew would immediately clean up after every customer. Tables used with cups and all were unattended the whole time we were there. Floor needs sweeping as well. It was just 10pm and they close around 1am. Not a lot of customers so....

Review №54

Good food, good coffee, lots of parking space, lowered-friendly

Review №55

The food is good, coffee is hot and the place is cozy and its nice to take photos. Wifi is strong, although its only for 2 hrs. Its ok compared to malls that only has 30 mins. of wifi.

Review №56

Nice ambiance with clean restroom plus free parking. One of the most beautiful coffee shops in the area. Also a great place to study in groups. They have huge tables with sockets.

Review №57

Love the ambience here. Not a lot of customers so you can have a little privacy and peace.

Review №58

Still the best Coffee Project branch. Although I do not like eating here (I prefer eating at All day paluto hehe), everything I need in a cafe is here. Longer operating hours, sockets on every table, larger space, complementary wifi, great coffee, and a lot of tea.My most favorite drink here is the Lemon and Lychee tea! Ill always go back for it. Their rice meals are good but too pricey.

Review №59

Superb interiors, great coffee, wonderful ambience! Great for meetings, or if you juz want to sip something hot on a cool day. Will definitely come back.

Review №60

Great food selection....very comfortable...accessible to public and private commuters..

Review №61

2nd floor has many outlets plus they have free WiFi Good for 2 hours up to 3 devices. The pastas are OK - we tried the pesto and arrabiata. Pesto was creamy and the arrabiata wasnt spicy (which is either a good or bad thing). Their white mocha is sweeter than SBs. Love their interior design. Theyre open until 1am during Fri-Sun and until 10pm for the other days.

Review №62

The place looks really nice and cozyperfect for long study sessions or just for hanging out

Review №63

Better than the other one...

Review №64

Coffee project is definitely my favourite local coffee shop. ️

Review №65

Love the place and the atmostphere. Not that many people compared to other coffee shops

Review №66

Great food and coffee. Very spacious and has a lot of parking space

Review №67

Below avetage. Nice facility but service and food both disappointing. Orders egg well done, and counter help repeated well done sir. Egg came filled with liquid yolk. Also ordered adobo bread bun ... Was hard as a rock and could not even remove from the plate; yes, it was stuck to the plate . I could have used it for a weapon instead of breakfast! Even the rice was old and mushy .... Requested replace the adobe bread weapon and servers seemed indifferent and without any customer care. Hopefully this review results in improvement.

Review №68

The ambience of the place is fanstatic and unique... ideal for business meetings

Review №69

The coffe and food are good. The ambiance is very relaxing. What surprises me is their loo, it has a japanese style toiletnwith seat warmer and bidet. Superb!

Review №70

Gotta love all of Coffee Projectss interiors

Review №71

The place is nice but airconditioning needs improvement.

Review №72

Great coffee..and the toilet seat is the best :)

Review №73

Serves good brews... Nice menu selections as well.

Review №74

Their air-conditioning cant cope up with Manilas summer heat.

Review №75

Good interior design as usual. I liked the table and chairs setup on the second floor. I didnt see their classic bike though.

Review №76

Nice place to hang out. Nice ambience, I like the decor...the deserts are so rich and yummy!

Review №77

I was going to pick up my partner from Padre Pio shrine. As I waited, I noticed the AllHome grocery a few hundred meters away.So, I went to buy some stuff and had dinner at Coffee Project. We had the Sardine Pasta and Greek Salad.Sardine Pasta tasted great, this is one of our favorites in any branch. This was the first time we tried the Greek Salad. Although another coffee shop provides a better Greek Salad, the Coffee Projects version is fine :)Their hot and cold drinks are fine, too.This branch offers free and spacious parking, free Wifi (didnt use it, so not sure about the speed and reliability), free service water - warm or cold.Love their air conditioning, too, I never experienced any discomfort because of inadequate A/C in any branch, including this one.

Review №78

Cozy place. Matcha frappe too sweet for me

Review №79

The most amazing bidet

Review №80

Great place, really good coffee

Review №81

Great ambiance. Good food. Best to go here on a Sunday morning. Lots of parking.

Review №82

Great bang for the buck coffee place. Nice ambiance and lots of electronic sockets.

Review №83

Ambiance is so calming and cozy. Their food is great. Though I think the self service part and when you have to be called and get your own trays and food is a little hassle especially if youve settled and gotten comfortable with your company, and especially since I think they have enough employees to have them delivered to the tables. I would suggest that they rather make it clean as you go rather than have customers get their own food. Makes it feel like a fast food restaurant. Food preparation took too long when there were not much customers and because they have the customers pick it up, they want to serve all orders all at once, thus making other food cold before it gets served. Still, 4 stars for great food. Good place for a tita date to even a romantic date (breakfast or afternoon snack) for the chill vibe and ambiance.

Review №84

You may try their coffee for a change and the price is just right. I will definitely be back in this place.

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