Seattles Best Coffee
Matalino St, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, 1103 Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Nice place to study, i love the playlist. comfortable pa yung temp di kagaya sa katabing SB, di kapa nakaorder parang pinapaalis kana sa sobrang lamig HAHAHA. di ngalang nag inform si ate ghurl di pala kasama hot tea sa sticker sayang minus ka ng 1 star sakin

Review №2

Palitan niyo naman playlist pls

Review №3

Unli wifi, hindi maingay na customers, and di masyadong matao kaya perfecg mag-aral dito

Review №4

Great! Especially Matalino branch

Review №5

Saklap close na yung Trinoma branch

Review №6

Calm and relaxing ambience especially on a slow sunday..Coffee was super as usual.Strict guidelines in regards with Covid prevention

Review №7

My super coffee and more store!!!!!!!! This 24/7 branch offers a wide beverage and fresh food selection without the long wait. I HIGHLY recommend the Salmon Croissant , Salmon Panini , Signature Hot Chocolate that has never gone wrong after all these years, Avocado Milkshake and makes a VERY GOOD Continental Breakfast. From a variety of breakfast plates, salads, excellent sandwiches, pastries and desserts. Lots of parking space for they share with another restaurant. If only Seattles Best Coffee is more popular than the other famous coffee shop in town. I wouldnt have to drive 3.7kms just to get their beverages and meals. They offer so much better in everything of variety so to speak. Coffee, Tea, Milkshakes, Coolers, Soda, Juices etc... I hope they open atleast one store at Vertis North or Trinoma. The ambiance is really good. Id come here alone, with my better half, friends and family works too. I went out tonight to get a quick meal and they surprise me with the quality and passion for quick service every time. P.S. I am not paid nor affiliated to SBC or the employees. I am simply an avid fan of their quality products and service. Never failed me so I hope it never fails any customer as well. Excellent work SBC Matalino Morning and Evening Shifts. Rock on!!!

Review №8

24/7. Students usually hang out in this place. Only been here at the wee hours so the place is pretty empty. Nice music playlist. Products seem to be fairly priced for a coffee shop.

Review №9

Ideal for late night coffee cravings. It is open 24H on the weekdays and closes late on the weekends. The coffeeshop can be packed with students and their books so it can be tricky finding a seat.They have al fresco seating, and a smoking area as well.They dont have internet connection (yet).

Review №10

Its a buetiful place very romantic its. A nice place for high class paple

Review №11

Serves perfect breakfasts.

Review №12

Good place but god awful when it comes to taking care of their patrons.They charge 50 pesos per hour beyond the first two hours on the parking. Its like they dont even want their patrons to stay beyond three hours. I was made to pay 250 pesos (just for the parrking) after purchasing 2 coffees and food for the evening.This policy goes against us who really use their facilities to study for more than 4 hours at a time pay for it.

Review №13

Sherep din pla..hehehe

Review №14

The place is ok. Lighting is ok. coffee and teas are ok. The only thing that might a pain in the *ss are those customers who occupy 3 or more seats and put bags in it for hours even if they are really just 1 or 2 persons. some occupy 3 seats, put their books in the table, charge thier powerbanks and left probably to smoke or to chat, again for several minutes or even hours. Kapalan lang talaga ng mukha. Ano ito dining room mo? You belong to the mid or upper class that can afford drinks in a not so cheap Coffee Shops but you dont understand what is Courtesy. The photo here is from the other shop, but then again, the scene you see is so similar with Seattle Best Coffee.

Review №15

Our standard parking when going to QC Hall of Justice. Good food and good coffee.

Review №16

Convenient with good parking space

Review №17

I would say the best coffee and drink. Its a great place to study because the staff is so accommodating.

Review №18

Best pasta and at the best price!

Review №19

Foods & drinks were just fine. Air temperature always between 22-25 degree, not considered as cold for a tropical country. No water in the comfort room( Kalayaan branch), yaks !

Review №20

Best place to stay and have a cup of coffee while doing your work, studying.

Review №21

It was nice and cool. Lots of seats

Review №22

Great coffee but needs to improve its blueberry cheesecake

Review №23

I dont know, but I find their coffee (over iced, hot, and blended) sweet even after having them reduced the syrup.

Review №24

Coffee and tea are alright but not worth their price points. Especially because they dont even bother to turn the aircon on. Youd think with their prices they could afford it

Review №25

Tried their Avocado Espresso and it was superb! Staff were super approachable as well.

Review №26

Still the same as Seattles Best. WiFi in Matalino branch is very slow though. Airconditioning isnt cold enough.

Review №27

Its always a treat to go to Seattles. The food is good, the ambience is great.

Review №28

Better than starbucks...real coffee

Review №29

Cozy place.. good place for night review..

Review №30

Quiet. Good ambience. Perfect for either reviewing or chilling alone or with friends

Review №31

Great coffe, delicious ensaymada and fast wifi for the patrons.

Review №32

Almost everything you look for in a coffee shop is here. Coffee, food, other beverages, 24hrs open, and power outlet. They also have Wi-Fi but it was not working when we went there to study.

Review №33

I love the quietness of the place!Try their Breakfast menu...something i always come back to.

Review №34

Great ambience. Conducive for business meetings

Review №35

아침식사겸 가보았으나 매장 테이블이 지저분하고아침식사 메뉴도 필리핀 스럽다. 스벅과 차이가 많이남가격은 별차이 없는데

Review №36

My go to place for overnight studying. The place is suitable for studying around 10pm onwards. The coffee and sandwiches are great. The only problem is their unreliable internet.

Review №37

Not as crowded compared to the more popular one. Staff are quite friendly. Theres a few parking spaces thoug

Review №38

Open 24hours

Review №39

Kind Staff, Calm Ambiance, me and my friends love this place

Review №40

Nice place to hang out. Open for 24hours every weekdays, until 12midnight during weekends.

Review №41

Great place to hang and drink good coffee

Review №42

The place is cozy for casual drinks and meetings. We go here when we want to play ingress and pokemon go.

Review №43

Cozy and relaxing. Nice place for a chat or quiet work.

Review №44

I super duper love the Mango Crunch Cake.

Review №45

Good choices and deliciously served

Review №46

It is a place where meeting up friends, clients , partners, etc. maybe had to have coffee, tea etc. It is a quiet and relaxing place.

Review №47

Good coffee, lots of parking, beside Kenny Rogers which is a plus as well.

Review №48

A place conducive for studying for students and small talk with friends

Review №49

24hr Seattles Best that is popular with students. Next to a 24hr Kenny Rogers. Parking can be hassle though.

Review №50

A quiet hangout place. In contrast with the adjacent Starbucks branch.

Review №51

My fave coffee place! So in love with espresso banoffee!

Review №52

Not too crowded. Has al fresco seating.

Review №53

Food was great and coffe was delightful

Review №54

Nice al fresco chairs and music..

Review №55

Better than the first branch that I have visited. It has ample space and it offers adequate lighting. It is a good place for studying, meetups, and chilling out.What made it better than the first one that Ive been to was the Mocha Javakula that I ordered. It tasted right and lasted until the last drop unike other ice blended beverages. Something that was worth a try.

Review №56

Great customer services and variety of choices on the menu

Review №57

Frappe’s are the best!

Review №58

Comfortable and Cozy. Very good meeting place.

Review №59

Great coffee, ambiance, music. Cozy

Review №60

Café moyenGâteaux beaucoup trop sucré

Review №61

Great coffee and staff as usual

Review №62

This place is good specially for those who need to study

Review №63

Good ambiance. Lots of seats. Open 24 hrs.

Review №64

Good place to stay long while studying or working and many go there to do so. Customers usually are the more mature type (not necessarily by age) and unlike those who frequent Starbucks beside it where people are always loud and uncouth. Another plus point, you can order at the adjacent Kenny Rogers and have tour order brought here to eat. Nice to have airconditioned smoking room as well at the back.Update: wwnt here last night ans its closed. So its not trye that rhey arenope n 24 hours.

Review №65

Fast service :) parking problems the downside

Review №66

Simply unbeatable

Review №67

Good ambiance..quiet place to have coffee

Review №68

Except for the occasional flies roaming around, the place and food is great

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