Pancake House
Caltex Super Station, S Luzon Expy, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Pilipinas

Review №1

Malinis. Maasikaso at paborito ng family ko dto mag dine everytime na uuwi kmi sa batangas.

Review №2

2 stars lang kase di na ok pancakes nila!

Review №3

Food is awesome. Ambience is great. However, for some reason, our glasses of water stinks. They seemed like uncleaned properly. Good thing, I did not get sick and was able to refrain my family from drinking the rest. They replaced it but you could tell that they still have remnants of the foul thing.

Review №4

AMBIENCEBranch is wheelchair-friendly, has their own parking (though you can park at other spaces spread out within the stopover), and always feels like daytime no matter what time it is. Its also fairly spacious inside.FOODBeef Tapa is what most would expect; its good! Pancake Combination, also interchangeable with Waffle, had excellent flavor, batter, cream and sweet syrup. Plus, the sausages were my favorite part of the platter! House Special Set B had tasty tacos but the shell broke easily, so I turned it into a salad instead. Its special salisbury steak was huge but just okay with thick gravy.SERVICEFor recent visits combined, staffers were friendly, offered coffee before ordering, were proactive with water refills and quick on serving food items and bill. They also asked if we had any additional orders, checked on how our food was, and greeted us when we left the branch. Its actually a long list of positive service and theyve basically ticked all the boxes. It was almost too perfect it made me feel somewhat iffy for a while.

Review №5

Although the Menu has been downsized the attention and pleasantness of the staff more than made up for this

Review №6

Delicious meals. Staffs are attentive but service needs some improvement.

Review №7

Ordered my favorite house tacos and quesadillas. Took 15 mins for the tacos, and 30 mins for the 4-pc quesadillas! (What??!)Food is great. Service is meh took us 4-5x to call the attention of the service crews on following up my order and they keep on telling us to wait. LITERALLY WAIT FOR like 30mins!!Even on asking for water, itll take them 10-15 mins. Very SLOW SERVICE. Crews are not attentive.

Review №8

My favorite here is french toast and Hot Roast Beef but tonight tried their macaroni and cheese lost 2 stars because the food was not delivered on time, hindi na kami nagkasabay sabay kumain

Review №9

Taste of home. I love them

Review №10

Great promo - Choose any 2 for less than Php400 only; has been offered in all branches and modified choices every now and then.

Review №11

Food was good. My sons enjoyed their meals too. Get the pancake and chicken

Review №12

The food was great. The atmosphere is suitable for all ages. The only thing that bothers me is how they promise you a certain time on how long theyll prepare your food but proceeds to exceed the time frame given.

Review №13

Food is great! parking can sometimes be a challenge. service has so much room for improvement

Review №14

Surprisingly the cinnamon toast was really good; still not a fan of Pancake house though. Too pricey for the portion they serve.

Review №15

Food is great! I would have rated it 5* but it was crowded weekend and we had to wait outside in the scorching heat til we were seated inside the well-air-conditioned establishment.

Review №16

Good food. Staff are courteous and accomodating. The place is clean too!

Review №17

If you want to have a nice meal, just avoid this place. Go to another branch. Youll just get frustrated at the horrible service.

Review №18

The only place we go for breakfast whenever we pass through SLEX. Spanish Omellete and Cinnamon Toast are best here. Staff very friendly as well.

Review №19

I really like their spaghetti and taco...Staff was polite though failed to serve what I prefered chicken part, and the funny thing is it was he who asked me which I prefer for my meal and I answered the end I was served with a thigh

Review №20

I always order take out here on my way home on late nights. Delicious food. Take out is well packed. Staff are very friendly and acomodating.

Review №21

Nice place to stop over and refuel when going south. Theres a good variety of fast food and restaurants, plus the toilet is clean.

Review №22

The food was great; their crew was friendly, but their wash room is out of order.

Review №23

Delicious pancakes. Not too crowded. Need to improve serving time.

Review №24

Park in was adequate, food was fast and service was good.

Review №25

The establishment is clean, staffs were accommodating and the food is great.

Review №26

Same good pancake foods for the family to enjoy

Review №27

They gave me extra cheese for my spaghetti and fast service!

Review №28

Food is not good. Why do they call it Mango Salsa if there’s so LITTLE TO NO MANGO at all? Beef tapa was also under cooked.Will think twice before coming back here as Starbucks or some fast food are around

Review №29

The waitress repeat my orders carefully but when theyve served the food, it is still incomplete and missing my belgian hotchoco, Ive been waiting,,because maybe theyre busy in the kitchen but i almost done eating and that hot choco is not being served, while the waitress who served us is chitchatting with her colleagues near at the counter...

Review №30

Love pancake house.. having a branch in SLEX makes it easier

Review №31

Their, milk tea was superb, ill never get enough of tacos. Service is perfect in all branches

Review №32

Food is good, staff naaaa..

Review №33

Great Tinapa Lunch. Very delicious

Review №34

Had breakfast and ordered Fiest Taco salad and two other breakfast on menu all perfect

Review №35

Good customer service! Courteous and attentive staff. As always, delicious food! Its a good thing theyve put up a branch here in Caltex for hungry northbound travellers.

Review №36

I like their food especially their spaghetti. The best...

Review №37

Soup was great! Great food and ambiance.

Review №38

Pancake house is always a favorite. No fail comfort food whichever branch you go. Would have given it a 5 star but this branch didnt have a bathroom. I think when youre located on a highway with customers travelling int he road for hours, a bathroom is a must have

Review №39

Thank you to the food attendant who went out of his way to give back my phone (iphone6plus) when I left it at the table. You are one of a kind. Im sorry that I did not have the chance to get your name.The service was excellent! Very attentive!

Review №40

Be prepared to wait a while when busy.

Review №41

Great crew, great food...

Review №42

Dont go when theyre swamped with customers. They have the tendency to overcook your food. My sons Breakfast Medleys sausage was burnt, and my dish had overdone omelette.

Review №43

I had the tapa. I did not like it - it was kind of tough and bland, like it was just microwaved. The coffee was pretty good though, and the service was okay. I tried my friends pancake too. It was okay - not too sweet, but kinda bland too, even with the butter.

Review №44

Food is good, though price is on the high end.

Review №45

Best tapsilos and side dish

Review №46

Good pancakes and good coffee!

Review №47

Fast service for greatly prepared meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dining area service staff are polite and quick to respond. Food portions are maintained even for budget meals. Tacos, potato salad and breakfast meals are highly recommended.

Review №48

Aside from one of the best blue berry pancakes, they have great tasting fried chicken. All day breakfast is available like the best selling golden tinapa, tapa or boneless bangus (milk fish). Pasta and salads are also available. Dont forget to try the almondigas soup.You can have your plain white rice be upgraded to brown rice and just ask the waiter for an upgrade also in the brewed coffee so you get 2 cups at a lesser price.Look also at the promo menu as they offer 2 plate combinations at an affordable price.

Review №49

Good food, great service!

Review №50

Great place... Good meal.

Review №51

Had steak and eggs steak over cooked and rubbery eggs were great

Review №52

Poor service. Staffs need to be trained well.

Review №53

Out of the few resto choices at Petron, SLEX (southbound) Pancake to me comes off as Top of mind, l noted orders are served fast, Roast beef sandwhich has always been my top choice

Review №54

Great Food Service.

Review №55

I was heading for a vacant table near me but an attendant/waitress pointed to other side, i asked any difference/problem? She said theres no difference just make me turn.

Review №56

Busted aircon. But still good food

Review №57

Food is good. The service needs patience when the restaurant is full though.

Review №58

Substandard service. Food tasted like it was microwaved

Review №59

Fast service and friendly staff. Were a group of 15 people and they accommodated us really well despite confusing orders and tons of follow up orders.

Review №60

Love the food ️

Review №61

The good thing about this place is that they let you order ahead even youre in the que for available table. Now to start with, the coffee served wasnt hot enough that we have to ask to be reheated. The service was lousy that we have to wait a very long time for our orders to arrive especially the last one which I have asked like two times to be followed up. I hope this review will help them to fix the issues.

Review №62

Needs to improve their ambiance

Review №63

Tinapa is good though the mango tomato sauce is lacking in character.

Review №64

They did not get my order correctly. The place was too crowded.

Review №65

Not pet-friendly. Refused to even serve us when they saw we had a dog with us.

Review №66

Courteous staff and great food. The restaurant was packed though so it took time for our orders to arrive

Review №67

Very approachable and attentive service crew

Review №68

The arroz a la cubana had very little meat

Review №69

I like the taco, service very attentive.

Review №70

Very tasty meal rice with salad and beef.

Review №71

Food tastes great as usual, service was fast. Cravings satisfied!!!

Review №72

Affordable and good food, excellent customer service.

Review №73

Food taste good esp the jumbo burger

Review №74

Food were not as good as like before.

Review №75

I love the food happy tummy!

Review №76

Perfect for breakfast during out of town trips

Review №77

Decent meal along the freeway when heading to southern destinations

Review №78

Convenient, reliable crews, price may not be cheap.

Review №79

Pets are allowed outside.

Review №80

They turned us away at 11:30. They’re supposed to be open until 12..

Review №81

Spaghetti is d best!

Review №82

Hard to park during Friday

Review №83

Choose to feel good...

Review №84

Quality of food is not bad but could be better.

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