Crazy Ramen
88 Lilac St, Marikina, 1811 Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Good ramen at a reasonable price.

Review №2

One of the good ramen shops out there, bang for the buck, definitely must try.

Review №3

One of the worst ramen ive tasted

Review №4

Enjoyed their ramen! Quaint place.

Review №5

Crazy Ramen in Marikina offers a specific list of ramen for you to choose from. The price for the ramen (as of September 2019) starts at 190 pesos which is high for its price in comparison to other ramen restaurants but the price speaks the quality for itself.The noodles they use for these ramen are top quality from its smooth, silky, and easily edible that even kids can digest easily.The broth also provided that warm calming feeling in your body and you could tell that the ingredients they have used and the process they did to cook this delicacy was above expectation.The place is good only for quick dine and groups of more than 7 cannot fit in properly inside. This is due to the Japanese ramen house layout that they want to showcase in here.

Review №6

What a lovely restaurant, great ramen and service and atmosphere, definitely hope to go back.

Review №7

Good Ramen Place. Additional Chasu is definitely a must try. ;)P.S. Less serving than Tamagoya, if youre really hungry youre better off with Tamagoya ... in taste though, Crazy Ramen has advantage. :)

Review №8

When I tried their tonkotsu chasumen during their soft opening, it was pretty salty.On my 2nd visit last week, I tried asking for less salty tonkotsu broth. It was delicious. I was able to enjoy my tonkotsu chasumen fully

Review №9

Ramen and Gyoza tasty . Menu price is reasonable

Review №10

Fave neighborhood ramen place.

Review №11

Im not sure if they have ventilation, but I can smell the gas off their cooking range. Did not enjoy my overall dining experience. Had to go outside, in the polluted street just to have a breather. (Its that bad that I had to choose the outside smoke ).

Review №12

Best bang for the buck..

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  • Address:88 Lilac St, Marikina, 1811 Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas
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  • Telepono:+63 917 303 8548
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