Pioneer Street Market
Reliance, Mandaluyong, Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Wala kong tulak kabigin sa pagkain at service nila. Yung mayari, nakikipaginteract sa customers. Nakakatuwa.

Review №2

Medyo holduper yung parking rate dito. Will never go here again.

Review №3

Oks naman.

Review №4

Really good variety here. I particularly like Bakmi Nyonya. Their beef rendang is delicious.

Review №5

맛있는 것이 많아서 물건들을 사가지고 왔죠.

Review №6

Very quaint place if you like to have a quick bite or chillout. Food choices are varied. The DCup Coffee on the 2nd floor is a very good place to hangout and unwind.

Review №7

Nice to know theres a place like this nearby that supports unique food business. ill be back

Review №8

Its a very great place for families and friends

Review №9

Good place for dinner. Lots of parking. Wide variety of food stores.Batter Up waffles are great. You can order from any store there and dine at D Cup Coffee Republic at the 2nd floor where they offer drinks, got lots of tables and they have an open-mic band setup.

Review №10

Quite a nice place with a diverse selection of food.

Review №11

Limited variety of foods unlike before! Very unhappy the last time I visited this place

Review №12

Very cozy and laid back. Great place to hang out during lazy weekends (if youre not staying in, that is). Food isnt spectacular, but good enough.

Review №13

Pioneer Street Market ~Artsy~ and experimental vibe Tremendous number of choices from different cuisines, you’ll have a hard time choosing! Spacious — has tables inside and outside the area Perfect for a chill weekend night A bit pricey, but considering the taste and unusual/experimental choices, it’s worth the price There wasn’t a system for ordering, maybe management could consider implementing one despite the different concessionairesYou can opt to stay outside for the live band and the alcoholic beverages bar.Top food recommendation: Kim Chi Reuben Sandwich — loved the spice and tang that the kim chi brought to the savoury and salty flavor of the (real not canned) corned beef.Final critique: #EatAndRepeatComing back to try the other cuisines! So many options here!Follow my adventures on twitter or IG! @jericbb

Review №14

Pricey but really sumptuous meals and hefty servings; country cozy, not your ordinary fastfood joint.

Review №15

Great place for friends, family and individuals to eat and discover new cuisine. Nice foos choices from different countries and unique dishes.

Review №16

Nice place. Feels like a market in movies. There are organic food available too.

Review №17

Relaxing and clean place..not noisy..can find many small restaurant witj different food..but for me the price is high..also fresh fruit n vegetable..but beware is not a real street market..not bigger n no much people

Review №18

Value for money food selection, cool music act and lots of parking

Review №19

Loved the place! It was cozy and there was a wide selection of food

Review №20

Great food with ocassional live music. Expensive but definitely worth it.

Review №21

Good place to buy your last minute errands

Review №22

Food quality and variety is great; you wont get tired because of the different flavors.

Review №23

This place has interesting food stalls that can satisfy your cravings! Dont miss out on Bakmi Nonyas Bakmi goreng) and Shining Dragons Tokwat Bagnet. Top it off with a Spanish Latte from Current Swell

Review №24

This place offers a wide variety of food options!

Review №25

They have squid there that looks deliciously alien

Review №26

Awesome place to eat and shop! Try Auntie Mays she has the best Angus Salpicao which already won a lot of awards! I also enjoy their lemonade, Salmon Teriyaki and Bangus Sisig! They recently launched a Heat and Eat product line, so you can microwave their dishes at home!

Review №27

Great food hall with lots of different food options. you wont find mcdonalds or kfc here.

Review №28

Fresh organic fruits and veggies. Excellent coffee.

Review №29

Been to this place several times before but only am reviewing it now. It has gone through many changes but I always enjoy popping in here.Today, we stopped by to look for a snack for my husband but ended up getting waylaid by two bowls of Khao Soi. Khao Soi is a spicy noodle soup bowl popular in Northern Thailand and happens to be our favorite whenever we are in Chiang Rai.Now, Pioneer St Market is a conglomeration of food kiosks including a fruit stand and a winery. There is a mezzanine floor that has been turned into a coffee shop cum training center. So if you want to try the Khao Soi for yourself, you will have to look for the Noonchi kiosk.Apart from Noonchi (which serves Asian dishes) they have a Takoichi spot, a Ketogenic-friendly kiosk with frozen items you can take home or have heated to eat here. They have Pinoy Lugaw, Bacolod Grill, sandwich spot, Bangkok streetfood, Japanese, and a Potato place among other things.Its also very pretty inside with warm pin lights, hanging lamps, heavy wooden picnic tables and jazz music playing softly in the background. Feels like Christmas, actually.There is outdoor seating and a bar where you can order alcoholic beverages.Since it is right next to HMR the warehouse shopping place, you can go there before or after to shop.Just be prepared to spend a little more than youre used to.Note*** there is a high turnover of some of the kiosks so there is a chance that you might not see the same places when you drop by. But as I said, this place is always fun to visit!

Review №30

One of the best foodparks in the Philippines. Air conditioned, various reasonable choices and abundant parking slots

Review №31

Best coffee around at Current Swell booth plus several good food selections

Review №32

Food selection is ok. We liked the Banmi Nonya. But be careful about Balai Buco place as they do not offer discounts for PWD. I wonder where I can report this? And we discovered that they charge for parking, when we were getting out. So not very well managed. Apart from that Banmi Nonya and shining dragon fire Bacolod grill were winners!

Review №33

It is accessible, it provides a wide varieties of food, relaxing ambience, and has a huge parking space for FREE!!!

Review №34

Like Mercato, but indoors. The selection is small but the food is great! :)

Review №35

Good place to eat a wide variety of food choices.

Review №36

Nice selection of food, beverage and organic produce options to choose from.

Review №37

Good food ans nice set-up

Review №38

Variety of food stalls... Awesome acoustic music!

Review №39

Good food, good music and big parking space!!!

Review №40

Clean and variety of foods and drink.

Review №41

Value for money, good quality food and very diverse menu

Review №42

Nice place to grab a meal, unwind, and shop :)

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Review №44

Place is great. Food is great.

Review №45

If you are looking for something different, this is the place to be!

Review №46

A lot of food variety

Review №47

Quaint.. and with keto stuffs

Review №48

Great ambiance and food quality!

Review №49

Nice finds, like wine by the glass

Review №50

Rafik Shawarma is there! Enough said!

Review №51

Love Tiny Tavern :-)

Review №52

I always eat here...

Review №53

DIne and chill here.

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Review №55

A must go!...

Review №56

This place is a place for family bonding and celebrations.

Review №57

Many stalls to choose from but lacks enough ventilation.

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  • Address:Reliance, Mandaluyong, Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas
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  • Food service
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