Coffee Project
632 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong, Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Super cozy and relaxing ang ambiance! sarap din ng food, so inviting!!!

Review №2

Napakalinis ng cr nila in wcc shaw branch

Review №3

Ganda ng place, ung wifi ok lang for 2 hours nga lang and maximum of 3 devices. Mejo mabagal nga lang ang counter.

Review №4

It was awesome visit. The ambiance is cool. Garden looking ️ The foods are so delicious.

Review №5

We came here today at around 5:30am. We planned to have breakfast. After ordering, the serving time was 25minutes. So I am not sure if thats really their regular serving time for rice meals or just because we were too early. And once the food arrived, some of it were really delicious. But the rice was the downfall. It was not hot. Waiting for 25minutes, we were hoping to be served newly cooked rice. But it taste like it was cooked the night before. Which we do not mind, but make sure to serve it hot. In addition, the rice was not well cooked. It was a crispy rice. We did not complain because we were hungry and just wanted to eat. But as a filipino, rice is rice. The food is a bit pricey too. I guess what people come here for is the facade of the place. The interior is really amazing. The price we have to pay for a great Instagram photo.I just wanted to add, parking in this building is hard. The guards will not let us in their parking area saying it was already full. We asked them if we can just park outside but they said those are reserved parking. Anyway, my co-worker insisted to let us their building parking area since we only planned to dine and will leave as soon as we are done. And advised that we will show them receipt. They finally let us in their parking area and surprise, there were a lot of slots available. I am not sure why they would put establishments and not let customers park. Weird.

Review №6

Good place, coffee and chill. Good also for work place

Review №7

The Coffee Project, in general, is a local cafe that can really compete with its foreign competitors. The interior design is really an Instagram-worthy. Also, the most important to give a review are their food and drinks being offered. I havent tried any coffee based drink, but their Green Tea Matcha drinks were really nice. Their hearty meals and pasta were also taste good. But my most favorite section of their cafe would be the pastries. Especially their Banana Carrot cake, its my all time favorite. Their cream cheese brownie will also serve in hot. Yum! And before I forget, their comfort rooms design also matches the place, and its also clean!

Review №8

Cool place to hold over coffee meetings or simply just to hang around in the busy Shaw Blvd.

Review №9

Ambiance is relaxing, food is good and coffee is better thwn the other more known coffee brand. Exceptnwhen we visited, their sysyem was down and had to take orders manually. But minor issue aside, good place for coffee

Review №10

As with all Coffee Project branches, this place is quaint - ideal for this who wants to take lots of pictures and those who wants to hangout. Depending on your preference, this might not be the best place to study or to conduct business meetings as the place is a little to overly-decorated to a point that it can be distracting.Food choices are a bit limited, but still OK for a coffee shop.

Review №11

The layout of CP is well thought out. The tables and chairs are aptly spaced. You can have decent conversation with your friends. It is not a noisy, overcrowded coffee shop - I hope all CPs are like this. The positive messages are a plus, we should see more of these everywhere!I enjoyed my Indochine coffee.Tried the potato tart and for some reasons, the taste made me think of Baguio and China...perhaps the simplicity of life.Strawberry banana cake, hmm...not so great. My sister loved the ube cake though.

Review №12

Ganda ng lugar. Pati mga mapwepwestohan. Limited time nga lang wifi.

Review №13

The cafe also caters for delivery, you may check your GRAB app or Food Panda if they are available...Per receipt, they also accept online orders in certain areas | stores where as:Coffee Project Macapagal Pasay CityCoffee Project Shaw BoulevardCoffee Project Symphony Towers Quezon Cityand Lakefront ParañaqueThough serviceable areas are limited within 4KM radius only.Free wifi comes after an order of 150 and above

Review №14

This coffee shop is the girliest coffee shop I have visited. It has a lot of cute decorations which makes the place instagrammable. The drinks are not very different from its competitors but I like that they explore more on the local and international flavors of beverages. If you are going to stay here to work, make sure that you will also order as you have to re-login after an hour or two, and unique passwords are given everytime you order. Overall, if you just plan to hangout for coffee and some desserts, this is one of the new places to be.

Review №15

Simply love this branch at WCC, but their branch n Timog Ave is the one I keep coming back to. Its got everything, good food, ambiance, beautiful decor, cozy and quiet.

Review №16

Definitely not your typical coffee shop. Coffee is definitely worth its price. It has its own distinct taste that you cannot find in other popular brands. Ambience is a plus. Place is huge and good for sharing with strangers without getting disturbed. Parking is spacious. It is a busy place but the way it is designed allows you to focus on your work and activity. Innovative as it allows you to use ur gadgets and has free internet for two hours that actually allows you to work online. It has charging stations - really a place to do work. Instagram-worthy pics can be achieved for photo enthusiasts. Can’t wait to try other branches and their food menu.

Review №17

Good food, good coffee, excellent ambiance.

Review №18

I like the english garden feel of the place even though youre indoor. A rustic touch, nice place to just chill. The interior concept is an up for me.

Review №19

Perfect for sone serious catching up with your friends

Review №20

One of the best places to hang out with friends because of its relaxing ambiance...perfect for coffee date too ;)

Review №21

Pleasant place to hangout wth friends. Great tasting food and coffee..

Review №22

Great place to hang out with friends and business meetings. Cozy and comfy!

Review №23

Food: They serve pasta, sandwiches , cakes and pastries just like any other coffee shop. Though, I am not very much fan of their recipe. But it taste good. The servicing for pasa and sandwiches is enough for a meal. Pastries and cakes are too sweet.Coffee: Their coffee is good but not that very good compared to coffee bean & tea and starbucks. But, its very affordable in much lesser price compared to the latter.Wifi: The wifi speed is disturbing. Though visitor wer just minimal, the wifi connection is slow. I cant even access netflix. Even on weekdays or weekends (morning till evening)Place: The place is very much lively. With its decorations and quotations to read anywhere. One can relax or study/work. The place is a must recommendable than going into starbucks CBTL.

Review №24

Ambiance was comfortable and their coffee was excellent, but I think there is nothing special about their cakes and pastries.

Review №25

AHHHHHHH the moment I stepped in the cafe, it was all soooo good. The ambiance, the vibe, and the music! Its my first time to go in here since Im hook on the mainstream cafes but this is definitely worth a visit!I got matcha latte and its also good woaaaah look at my pictures ♡

Review №26

Vietnamese latte is supperb, power outlets and reasonable internet scheme. You get ur password after you pay; it just makes sense. I dnt feel bad if i stay too long

Review №27

Want cozy place?

Review №28

The place is cozy, i like the spring garden motif and the hanging decors. It is very relaxing. The coffee is fairly priced like other commercial coffee shops. They have a local blend coffee which i like.

Review №29

Love the avocadoRberry shake...

Review №30

Its a nice place with great ambiance. ️

Review №31

I love the interior of the coffee shop

Review №32

Ambiance is super homey, coffee is so-so, the red velvet cake is superb

Review №33

Nice ambience, food especially the Coffee. Love it!

Review №34


Review №35

Nice staff, doesnt get too crowded

Review №36

This IG-worthy café will chase away.

Review №37

Very instagrammable coffee place, serves good food as well! On most days, this branch is open 24 hours too!

Review №38

Ambiance is quite peaceful. Place is perfect for writing while having coffee.

Review №39

Pizza and baked potato cake = awesomeness. Their pastries never fail

Review №40

Good food, cosy ambiance, friendly staff, and the price is reasonable. I really love their blueberry cheesecake. Wifi is decent.

Review №41

I love the combination of their cakes and coffee, affordable prices, not toi pricey, i love the place, ambiance

Review №42

Always like the interiors of this coffee brand. Makes me proud that it is Filipino owned. Their coffee can still improve but I particularly love the creme brulee ice blended coffee

Review №43

Great food and so instagramable place to dine with friends and family.

Review №44

Good food and coffee but their wifi is very slow during our visit.

Review №45

Has variety of drinks aside from coffee plus the place is really cozy

Review №46

I love the place with their nature design. Not too noisy.

Review №47

Garden Theme, Good coffee and accommodating crew!

Review №48

Liked it! Good food. Good ambiance. Good music. Good place.

Review №49

Very cozy.

Review №50

Fave hangout space. The ambience is really nice. I am able to concentrate welk here

Review №51

Crew members are not that attentive

Review №52

The people were very courteous and helpful. Food is good.

Review №53

Lovely ambience and a Cozi place to hang out anytime 24*7, nice menu. I love it being there.

Review №54

The place to be with your coffee group. Nice. Just nice!

Review №55

Nice place. Chairs a bit uncomfortable. Well it will prevent the all day sitting seen elsewhere. Good coffee and sweets.

Review №56

Too sweet on most frappe drinks

Review №57

Very nice place and the ambiance its amazing

Review №58

I like the ambiance and the design of the place compare to other coffee shops. Coffee tastes so good as well and they serve variety of fiids like pizza, cake, cookies and more. They also offer 2hours of fast internet.

Review №59

Nice cozy place to hangout in with decent Internet connection and relaxing jazz music. Their coffee is great as well. Definitely the best coffee place in town... at least for me.

Review №60

This is my favorite cafe of all the cafe out there...I love the ambiance because of the beautiful interior design, I love the availability of outlets (for almost every table) for people like me who are working or studying, I love the speed of the net compared to other cafe, I love the drinks too like the Chocolate Hug in a Mug and houseblend iced tea.It is also good for small meetings or conferences.

Review №61

They have the best brewed coffee, plus a comforting ambience.

Review №62

Good coffee, good ambience, clean bathroom, ok wifi, small food portions for the price.Advice: go on a full stomach

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Review №64

The décor is a bit too tacky since its overwhelming, but the coffee and pastries are nice. The cakes good too. I just find it hard to breathe whenever I step in here coz theres too much decorations.

Review №65

The ambiance of the place is so cozy. Everything seemed so serene. Aside from that, I love the foods. I like their carbonara for instance and also their frappes.

Review №66

Good atmosphere, music decor and very good coffee too

Review №67

Very satisfied with everything. From the quirky ambiance, good price and the welcoming staff I can’t complain about anything really. Starbucks has nothing on this place. :)

Review №68

Relaxing place to have a chat and coffee :))

Review №69

Good food... Wont be my last...

Review №70

This is a very intimidating place for the shy and uninitiated but the ambience is tops. You can definitely hang around for hours on end with family and friends. A bit out of the way though from my usual route.

Review №71

Good place for meetings...some seats are too hard though and the wifi is bitin if you dont have your own data

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