Starbucks - Fisher Mall
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Malamig. Okay lang din dito un lang di ko nahanap ung outlet hehe

Review №2

Located right in front of the mall entrance, this Starbucks is relatively not crowded despite that fact. The place is clean and lit just right. Unfortunately, the community table (that seats 6) is the only one that has provision for sockets.

Review №3

My favorite SB branch here in the Ph!It came to be my surprise because when i tried to buy at other branches the staff are not all polite unlike in this branch. This branch in Tomas Morato has been consistently good with their service, FRIENDLY staff (caps lock cause they have fun baristas, also goodlooking too! Is that a job requirement lol).Im a Pinoy thats why i like their frappucino. But if youre looking for good coffee visit local specialty coffee shops which are numerous in the place.Some of the image below are seasonal menu like the white mocha sphere.

Review №4

After 4 months... I missed the smell of the freshly brewed coffee... love it!!!

Review №5

How could you not like Starbucks? Coffee and snacks are consistently good. Staff are considerate. Best of all, they dont drive people away even if they hang out for quite awhile, so its one of the best places to meet, if you manage to get a seat.

Review №6

This place used to be the fisher cafe. They turned it to be more spacious, welcoming and relaxing - like the usual Starbucks cafe.It is located next to the mall entrance and it has a separate entrance door as well.I like the homey feel of the store and i love the ceiling by the counter.

Review №7

Very accessible, but parking is quite hard

Review №8

I like it here because from the entrance you would see the place. It is kinda big and what i noticed there were few people inside compared to other starbucks. I like the vanilla and ice chocolate that they served. Cakes and juices like sola are still available. Wireless connection is only for members. Thats the reason why it needs to compete with other companies.

Review №9

Thank you Globe Rewards sa free coffee

Review №10

Only one large table (with sockets underneath). No wifi. So, this is a 4/5 remote working space. Everything else is fine. If youre here for purely coffee, its 5/5.

Review №11

As always Starbucks to not disappoint. The place is clean, friendly baristas, good customer service. The only off in this place is the limited power outlet. This place is not for Apple users (Wall huggers)

Review №12

Comfort Coffee for me and My hubby...

Review №13

Cozy place to meet with free aroma of brewed coffee!

Review №14

Modern and clean interior. Friendly staff, as always. Gets pretty crowded. Limited seating due to the occasional inconsiderate patrons that hog two entire tables for themselves. Ugh... No WiFi available as well so not the most conducive of places if you need to get some work done. All major credit cards accepted, Apple Pay as well.

Review №15

Im a regular customer at starbucks but baristas at this branch are rude. They took my order in advance but blame me for making the wrong beverage when i paid. The other barista even threw the sleeve that i requested. Simply disappointing...

Review №16

Good coffee a d friendly staff

Review №17

No wifi. No sockets. Seating limited to bar stools and low lounge chairs.

Review №18

Where the best coffees at

Review №19

Few seats...service is good

Review №20

Just okay. Enough couch chairs, bit not enough tables for reading and studying. Sockets limited to the 6-seater area

Review №21

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