Dark Cacao and Coffee
2nd Floor, Main Building, SM City North, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Quezon City, Pilipinas
Dark Cacao and Coffee

Review №1

Single origin coffee. Small space. Relaxing. Nice set up. A coffee shop within Onesimus. Located in a not so crowded area of the mall. The 3 mushroom melt pita pocket tastes good.

Review №2

Great hangout place for a light meal, and for coffee or tea! I love how they serve their tea, and their food is really great! will definitely add this to my staple cafes at sm north!

Review №3

Very cozy place to just sit and rest and sip coffee. Their cold brew is recommended - strong but delicious. Will surely go back again.

Review №4

I super recommend the Smoked and Dark hot chocolate drink. Love how the choco tastes smoky, creamy, fresh, and dark all at the same time. Theres not much of sugar in it. My new fave now.

Review №5

The crew are accommodating, they suggest good drinks to try. I love their dark chocolate drink. The drinks are made from freshest ingredients. The price are bit pricey compare to top coffee shops but its worth it. For the pastries and pasta just so so

Review №6

Really thankful i stumbled upon this small nook in the mall. simple good quality coffee

Review №7

Whats dark and gritty and reminds me of my childhood? No, not a DC superhero movie.I tried their hot cocoa, darkly chocolatey at the beginning of the sip then ebbing back with milky, creamy sweetness. Its thick and gritty consistency gives it an extra dimension that reminds me of the tsokolate my lola used to make from the cocoa balls we would grind ourselves. This pairs best with rain.Find your drink here in this small café sitting against the backdrop of lined up suits. Set in a busy intersection of paths leading to a parking building, the department store and the cinema, its still cozy but could be quieter.

Review №8

The place is quite small. The pasta wasnt special for the price range 160 and above. It wasnt freshly prepared and it was bit cold and soggy already. Ive tasted better. The drinks didnt have a lasting impression either. Wouldnt really recommend.

Review №9

Very nice place. The smooth and milky coffee was fantastic.

Review №10

Owned by Onesimus...a coffee house that serves local produce coffee beans..varieties commonly found in the northern part of the Philippines

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  • Address:2nd Floor, Main Building, SM City North, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • Telepono:+63 2 8374 0467
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