Pipino Veg
39 Malingap St Teachers Village, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila, Pilipinas

Review №1

Hinde maganda ang Place

Review №2

Pipino is now open again for dine in, but I opted to eat in the car since I had my pet with me. Hopefully more restaurants allow pets to stay with their owners while dining in. I ordered their embotido with pineapple fried rice and it was delicious! It was suggested by the one who assisted in taking my order and I think it was perfect. It was easy/convenient to eat (no mess from sauces and not difficult to eat with takeout cutlery), and it was very flavorful! The meal was savory and sweet, and the textures were a delight to experience-- soft sticky rice, crunchy vegetables, crispy on the outside embotido... Will definitely order it again.

Review №3

Pinakbet Risotto and Buffalo Cauli were very good. The buffalo Cauli didnt really use a buffalo sauce but it was still filling and tasty

Review №4

One of the best Vegan restaurant In Manila

Review №5

Worst vegan pizza ever. Worst Takeout pizza ever. sobrang tigas nung crust ng pizza that took 40 mins to prepare. A pizza should just be cooked around 15-20 mins by either electric oven. unless they only used microwave. And the pizza wasnt even been cut. sobrang tigas nung crust you wont be able to chew it. And the toppings is like you sprinkle all kinds of Vegtable there is just to make it they say VeGAN. And the pricing of each food is very badly priced. so bad that only people with MONEY can eat there. and you know what the pizza was priced? 325 pesos for a badly cooked pizza that has a crust that is like a rock

Review №6

Yummy place filled with healthy food for vegans, vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions.

Review №7

The food was very good! I ordered the vegetarian kare-kare, and it was flavorful. The vegan bagoong had the right amount of saltiness. I wanted to buy a jar to take home with me, but they ran out of stock. Their tofu lemongrass skewers are worth the try. Overall it was a very positive experience for me and my family!

Review №8

I came to this place because my daughter raved about a year or so ago, when I was based abroad. Walking through Malingap is a more than a sideshow of the ever changing, highly competitive foodie street Maginhawa. Pipino Vegan used to be on top of the highly touted sister restaurant nearby and has only opened its doors a few months ago and change. They have a modest yet stylish interior, very cozy. Staff are friendly and attentive. I had the vegan kare-kare and it was tasty and really close to the full meat version, without the disappointment of a meatless finish. Like a lot of Pinoy food. it tilted toward the sweet side, i hope they reconsider evoking the peanuty tase of the stew instead of peanut buttery persuasion. The bagoong rice is on point and the mushroom bagoong ties the dish well. I cant wait to try my to go Vegan Pansit Sotanghon.This place makes me more excited to go on a plant based diet and will surely come back to try the other dishes. More power to plant power, and this brave establishment sailing along the sea of heavily meat laden Filipino food culture. Much love.

Review №9

I usually get the potato pancakes & the tofu longganisa. Fave restaurant around the Maginhawa area.

Review №10

Very good food for all vegetarian

Review №11

Just found this place by accident and i am very glad, high quality tasty food that need not even carry the moniker vegetarian so no stop in and enjoy! I had tortang talong with coliflower rice and Mongo soup and it was fantastic! Hearty servings, reasonably priced.

Review №12

Food was kinda okay. fresh lumpiang ubod was salty though. and then right after we finished our food, i saw a small cockroach walking on our table! i immediately called the attention of the staff to tell that there’s a cockroach and surprisingly she just smiled at me! she wasn’t even bothered at all. well i guess she’s already used to seeing cockroaches at their resto. haha! fyi guys.

Review №13

Not particularly clean environment with cockroaches and mosquito roaming around while youre eating

Review №14

Everything is healthy and delicious

Review №15

Vegan halohalo dbest

Review №16

Vegan philipino food!!!

Review №17

Not just cruelty free but everything served is healthy. My favorite vegan resto.

Review №18

I love their iced tea and vegetarian kare kare. Their buko ice cream is good too. Their vegan bagoong is a very good buy.

Review №19

Good vegetarian & vegan menu.

Review №20

100% Plant-based

Review №21

I like their noodles - canton and cold soba. :)

Review №22

Healthy delicious plant based food

Review №23

Vegetarian dishes done well.

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  • Address:39 Malingap St Teachers Village, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila, Pilipinas
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  • Restaurant ng Pagkaing Vegan
  • Restaurant ng pagkaing Asyano
  • Restaurant ng Pagkaing Filipino
  • Restaurant ng pagkaing vegetarian
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