Hulugpaang Pangkalibutan sang Iloilo
Iloilo Airport Access Road, Cabatuan 5031, Iloilo, Pilipinas
Hulugpaang Pangkalibutan sang Iloilo

Review №1

Original Iloilo beef bulalo, anjan sa left wing.

Review №2

The guard at the arrival area ay parang bastos..Pede nmn sabihin in a nice way na dun yung waiting area sa kabila ehh ung tono nya parang inuutusan kmi.. kala mu kung anu na kasalanan nmin... kung pd lang bilhin ang manners.. librehin na kita manong..

Review №3

Walang aircon

Review №4

Malinis, maganda, tahimik and mababait ang staffs

Review №5

One of the Philippines best Aiport and in Asia as well.

Review №6

First time to be in Iloilo and Im surprised that they have a quiet big airport here (compared to Manila lol). Hopefully they would keep this place in good condition and more establishments in the future.

Review №7

Small but nice and clean. Organized.

Review №8

Clean and well-maintained, not crowded.

Review №9

One of the best airport in the Philippines and has the best nook for toddlers.

Review №10

Traveling to Manila or some international destinations like Singapore and Hongkong is convenient here at Iloilo International Airport and it is not as busy as other airports in the Philippines

Review №11

You cannot bring the drinks from outside to inside of the airport. So dont buy outside just buy inside on the waiting area on the boarding side of the airport

Review №12

Offers a cafe where smokers can cure their nicotine needs whilst waiting for their take off! Pretty savvy!

Review №13

Organized, modern, and Feels Traditional

Review №14

The UK could learn something from how the Philippines are dealing with people coming into the country and travelling internally in the way they try to prevent anyone with covid 19 from spreading the decease

Review №15

A shuttle van to SM City Iloilo is situated outside the airport near the food stalls. One way fare to the city is P50.00

Review №16

Great small airport. Making improvements. Several options for light snacks and pasalubong.

Review №17

Ok gapon

Review №18

This airport is clean, organized and its lounge is comfortable. There are charging stations near Gate 3.

Review №19

Nice place nice airport..

Review №20

The Iloilo Airport is located in the municipality of Cabatuan, approximately 30 minutes away from Iloilo City Proper. Several transportation options are available for arriving and departing passengers including taxis, shuttle vans, and public transport commute.The Iloilo International Airport is one of the Philippines’ major flight hubs serving Iloilo and Guimaras as well as the general area of Panay Island. It is located 19 kilometers away from Iloilo City. The Iloilo Airport is regarded as one of the country’s best airports and among the top 5 busiest airports in the Philippines. It serves direct international flights to/from Hong Kong and Singapore, and domestic flights to/from major cities in the country.

Review №21

Beautiful airport iloilo

Review №22

We spent quite a bit of time here waiting for an early morning flight, not fun. Before check-in, there is one small kiosk selling bad coffee, everything else was closed, also there were not enough seats, most space taken by a large dusty garden of plastic plants, also no Wi-Fi. Once you are by the gates, there is WiFi but all stores are closed and most seats taken by people sleeping across the rows.

Review №23

Comfort room is available at Iloilo international airport

Review №24

Nice friendly & accommodating airport

Review №25

Clean and awesome airport

Review №26

Iloilo International Airport now in top 18 for the best international airport in asia. The design was inspired in malaysia international airport.A 25 minutes travel from airport to iloilo city vice versa. Infront of the departure and travel area there has a food hall, vans and taxis where you can ride going to SM City or iloilo city.

Review №27

Terminal Fee of P200 for domestic flight and P700 for international flight. Thats all I can say.

Review №28

This is a nice airport, a little small for an International airport, but it still serves and deliver its purpose well. It only has a few food and coffee stalls inside and outside the airport.

Review №29

Peter thank you great love

Review №30

All airline and airport staff are very helpful

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4.3 Marka
  • Address:Iloilo Airport Access Road, Cabatuan 5031, Iloilo, Pilipinas
  • Telepono:+63 33 320 8058
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  • Pandaigdigang Paliparan
Pagiging Accessible
  • Pasukan na maaaring daanan ng wheelchair:Oo
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