Maxs Restaurant
Bayan ng Silang, Cavite, Pilipinas

Review №1

Sarap ng foods, magalang mga staffs.

Review №2

Masarap especially yong sizzling tofu

Review №3

Panis ang naserve na clubhouse sandwich .

Review №4

Really bad. They show you a menu that is not updated (10 peso add on for drinks). Then manager agrees cover for the drink but does not serve it. Then the fresh lumpia sauce is sour (normally on the sweet side). Not happy with the experience.

Review №5

Food was great and service at the time of visit is average. My only concern is that temp checking and social distancing is not always enforced. Saw several groups of 4 eating at the same small table despite the markings that its only good for 2. Manager on duty should be the one on the lookout but saw only 3 waiters manning the resto.

Review №6

Very poor service..we will never go back. We waited an hour and its not worth it. We spent almost 3 hours in the restaurant. Its just so sad. We went to Max Silang, hope they will improve...not worth the money and time

Review №7

As always the usual MAXS, restuarant. Always craving for karekare and sizzling tufo..

Review №8

This is my go-to comfort food. Their chicken is just the best! Delicious, from the fried chicken, to the sweet potato fries to the banana ketchup.

Review №9

Just recently opened in Silang. Max is Filipino Franchise so you get practically the the same tasting food from any other Max location. Their service is decent but beware of the limited parking spaces.

Review №10

Good food though service is sucked

Review №11

Max has been my favorite restaurant when looking for chicken. Its as teue as their ad, sarap to the bone. Chicken that you will enjoy till the bone. I LOVE this place since its the nearest restaurant from where we live.

Review №12

My wife likes this chain. Personally, the chicken is good but its expensive

Review №13

Nice and clean. Good for a quick meal with family.

Review №14

Great food, truly delicious and good service.

Review №15

Affordable and convenient place to eat.

Review №16

You cant either hate or love Maxs. Plain dull Filipino food rendition

Review №17

Theres a lot of mosquitoes and flies on the dining area at the far end across the function area. The aircon doesnt seem to reach it.

Review №18

Too bad that most food from the menu not available, on a Saturday... With rain shower outside...

Review №19

Sarap to the bones??Puck!

Review №20

14 Mga larawan
20 Puna
3.5 Marka
  • Address:Bayan ng Silang, Cavite, Pilipinas
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