Leonardas Restaurant
Plaza S brgy, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Silang, 4118 Cavite, Pilipinas
Leonardas Restaurant

Review №1

Great place, very instagramable Kare kare is superb, they use skippy that compliments with all the ingredients, iba talaga sya kasi yung ibang kare kare na natikman ko eh either kulang sa peanut butter ot yung pam-palengke na peanut butter ang ginamit!Highly recommended mga ka-Tagaytay!Medyo madami lang tao lagi, but its worth the wait!

Review №2

Sells kitchen, furnites and other Japanese materials. Offers great food.

Review №3

The place is so unique, theres nothing like it in Tagaytay and even in Manila. Me and my family grab our lunch there... And Leonardas people are genuinely happy and courteous... Food is really great too! Their Kare-Kare and Bulalo are something that you need to try, Crispy Pata also.We are lucky enough to see Celebrities like Mark Villar and Nino Mulach who came to it there. Mulach is very generous at mukhang mabait talagaWill rate this Restaurant in Tagaytay 5 starsRepeat customer here... Calling out Leonardas :)

Review №4

I have tried this Restaurant and I will tell you... The food they are serving is really good!Mag-iingat lang sa VA Coach na ito Peach Gerida or VA Peach Gerida... Huli ko na ang modus nito...Please see picture so you will be informedI saw this woman commenting to Restaurants, I think shes formulating a scam again

Review №5

Lomi + signature coffee is a perfect breakfast combination since Im alone and cant really order any other menu items. They have other solo options like silogs but the lomi is a must have. Place is IG worthy. Each table set has a unique set of chairs and table. Love their french pressed coffee.

Review №6

Place & Ambiance -Subjectively, I like its uniqueness. Its antique shop arranged to have dining tables and chairs that they also sell. Very clever. Though now thinking at hindsight, its got old stuff and dust easily settles on the dining ware. Ambiance. Its alright perhaps in cooler weather, though they should perhaps install A/C to ward off the late morning heat. Could be a nice tambayan in the evenings. Food - We ordered their kare kare and sinigang beef. Sinigang broth was ok, though the vegetables looked reheated. Kare kare was too sweet. I ordered it because the menu says they use their own peanut butter mix. Couldnt help myself, I mentioned that it was really sweet, and they readily answered and said that its because they used Skippy peanut butter!! Que horror!!!For dessert, the kids wanted Piyaya so we got a pack from the stock they are selling. I checked the pack for expiry date, dang, April 15, 2019 wtfudge. They couldnt give us a fresh pack (not available in their store).They offered their Blueberry Cheesecake, said it was freshly made. So I said sure.Dang it. For 140 a slice, I think we should have left and gone to a coffee shop elsewhere or go home, lol. It was too sweet topped with blueberries from a can.I took the leftover to feed to our dogs later, unless it wont be good to feed them food with peanut butter?Skippy in kare kare. Dang it.First time to dine in, and it would be the last.Curiosity satisfied.Lovely photos we took though

Review №7

Good food. This store sells Japanese surplus furniture and kitchen wares. Restaurant is like an old antique shop.

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  • Address:Plaza S brgy, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Silang, 4118 Cavite, Pilipinas
  • Telepono:+63 905 453 7313
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